Meals at school for parents/caregivers

Schools can participate if they fall within the target group. This is how the programme reaches the children and youth that could use the extra support. Look here for more information about the conditions. If the school fulfills the condition, students can receive extra food.

The school of your child has chosen “Meals at school”

Does your child get food and drinks at school?

Then you school has chosen to organise breakfast, lunch and/or snacks at school. The offering may consist of, for example, fruit, filled sandwiches, or a hot meal. The school can also provide food and drinks for the students to grab.

Am I also allowed to have a grocery card?

Schools that take part in the School meals Programme have to choose between two options: getting money to arrange food at school or helping parents through a grocery card. YIt is not possible to use both options. If the school decides to organise meals at school, they can’t ask for grocery cards for parents.

Do you have any questions about the food that your child gets at school?

We recommend you to contact your school. The School Meals Programme does not choose the food that the school offers and in which way, the school chooses this themselves.