Getting Started

Are you registered for the School Meals Programme? Then you can get started now! What is the best way for you to do this?

The ‘Getting Started’ pages provide valuable information and practical tips to support schools in using the School Meals Programme. We aim to assist you with:
Increasing the amount of registration of your school or;
Making healthy and varient meals that are important for the development and wellbeing of your students.
Below, you can read about what the specific ‘Getting Started’ pages cover.

With what are you getting started?

Meals at school

  • Organising School Meals – Inspiration for school meals
  • Tips for secondary education
  • Without burdening teachers
  • Tips, examples, and lesson activities
  • Inspiration for collaboration with suppliers
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een schoolklas met fruit op tafel

The Grocery Card

  • Increasing registrations: How can you best motivate parents/caregivers to sign up for the programme?
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You you have questions or suggestions?

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