Getting started with the Grocery Cards

Has your school chosen for the Grocery Card option?

Here you can find more tips on how your school can best get started in sharing the programme with the parents/cargivers of your students.


How can you best motivate and support parents/caregivers to apply for the programme?

At the moment lots of schools have chosen for the grocery card. Here are some tips that we have received from various schools that have helped them reach and effectivley inform parents/caregovers about the programme:


  • Directly address parents
  • Share the call for participation several times – Use all channels available, including online and physical newsletters, WhatsApp, or school social media to communicate with parents/caregivers
  • Assistance with registration – Organize drop-in sessions where parents are supported in signing up
  • Designate a school staff member as a point of contact – ensuring clarity for parents on who to approach with questions
  • Highlight the programme at school meetings
  • Utilize parent ambassadors: Approach parents with large social networks to spread information about the programme
  • Distribute flyers/letters to parents/students
  • Display posters at school
  • Encourage parents/caregivers where appropriate: ‘Have you signed up yet? Don’t forget!’
  • If you have parent gatherings or meeting spaces, consistently raise awareness about the programme there as well