Grocery cards for parents/caregivers

Schools can participate if they fall within the target group. This is how the programme reaches the children and youth who could use the extra support. Look here for more information about the conditions. If the school fulfils the condition, students can receive extra food.
The school can choose ‘grocery Cards’ for parents/caregivers.
With this, you can buy extra food and drinks for your children to take to school.
You know what your children like to eat best.

For whom is the School Meals Programme?

The School Meals Programme supports parents/caregivers of children in primary and secondary schools. It is for children and youth that could use some extra food. The goal is that they get enough and a variety of food to eat at school, with enough vegetables, fruit, meat and milk products.
This costs a lot of money. Maybe you are not always able to buy the food that you would like to.
You are not alone. Together we want to ensure that children have enough food when they go to school.

Can my family take part?

The School of your children can register for the programme. You do not have to do this as a parent/caregiver. Read the conditions here.
There are many families in the Netherlands that are taking part in the School Meals Programme. Your registration is anonymous. We will ensure your privacy.

Videos: ‘Information grocery card’ & ‘This is how you apply for a grocery card’.

Do you want support to buy enough and varied food for your children?

  • Then you can let the school your children know about this;
  • The support is anonymous and will not be shared in the classroom;
  • The school will send you a link to the online application form;
  • In this form you will answer the questions;
  • The Red Cross will receive your answers;
  • This way we can control if you can take part in the programme;
  • After the school will check if they recognize the parent/caregiver that has filled in the application form;
  • The school can only see your name, address and telephone number;
  • The answers are shared with no one.

Information about the grocery card

How much money will be put on the grocery card?

Money will be put on the card twice a month.
How much that is is dependent on the amount of children registered
  • For 1 child: 2 x per month € 25
  • For 2 children: 2 x per month € 50
  • For 3 or more children: 2x per month € 75
You can spend up to the amount you receive per month:
  • For 1 child: €50 per month
  • For 2 children: €100 per month
  • For 3 or more children: €150 per month
The amount on the card can never exceed €150. Therefore, it’s important to use the money you receive within the same month.

What can I buy with the grocery card?

The intention is for you to buy extra food for your children to take to school and eat there.
Please note: The grocery card can only be used for buying groceries. You cannot withdraw cash with it. Additionally, it may not be accepted at all stores.
Previously, there were other grocery cards from Albert Heijn and Jumbo. You can continue using these cards until the end of December 2024.

Where can I use the grocery card?

The grocery card is a type of debit card.
You can use the card in various stores that sell food in the Netherlands, such as:
  1. Supermarkets;
  2. Most market stalls, bakers, butchers, and food shops.

How much money is on my card?

Here you can see how much money there is on your grocery card:

Log in grocery card

Until when does the School Meals Programme run?

The programme wil run until the end of December 2024. This means that money will be put on your card until the end of the year. Schools that have chosen for meals at school will also receive money until the end of the year.

Video: ‘How to use the grocery card’

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